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Win the talent war. Attract and retain the best talent by giving them fast, early access to cash. Wherever they are.

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Give your Workforce what they want

Qwil allows your vendors and independent contractors to access their earnings immediately, at no extra cost or hassle to you. Empower your workforce while saving time, money, and increasing productivity.

Talent is global. You shouldn't need multple systems to support them all

Qwil can send payment to over 120 countries in all major currencies. Wherever the people who help your business succeed are, they’ll get their money on their terms.

Accelerated Cash Flow to Scale Your Business

Forget dealing with multiple payment methods, outdated forms, and compliance. Qwil handles everything from onboarding to payments to reporting. All programmatically, via API or an easy-to-use web application.

The perfect fit for companies like:

Video Editing

Web Design


Last Mile Delivery

Freelance/Staffing Firms

HR Outsourcing/Global Expansion

Affiliate Marketing

Publisher Disbursement

Royalty Payouts

Maritime/Freight Forwarder


Expense Management

Professional Services

On-Demand capital for your freelancers in 5 easy steps:

  • Pre-qualifying call with the Qwil team.

  • The partner sends over the transaction and financial data of the participants.

  • Qwil underwrites and approves the program.

  • Integrate into our API.

  • Go Live and offer and early pay program to your clients!

Current vs Qwil On Demand

Bring your freelancers a new value-added product, the option for early pay

Current Flow

To effectively offer an early pay program, our partners need to raise the capital, take on the risk and build the technology to support it.

With Qwil

With Qwil we provide the capital, the technology and we take the risk, out of the box, with one integration.

How we help

We partner with some really great companies

Qwil partners with leading marketplaces, staffing firms, agencies, Fortune 500 companies and even the mom and pop bakery down the street.

API Driven

Funds in 24 Hours

Underwriting Engine

Flexible Capital

International Funding

Customer Support

Factoring Companies

Credit Lines

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