Data Request Policy

Qwil may receive requests from third parties/individuals and legal authority. This data request policy outlines Qwil’s policies and procedures for responding to such requests for Customer Data. A data request is a request for information or documents relating to customer accounts in connection with official criminal investigations or other official legal proceedings.

Requests for Customer Data by Individuals

Third parties seeking access to Customer Data should contact the Customer regarding such requests. The Customer controls the Customer Data and generally gets to decide what to do with all Customer Data.

Requests for Customer Data by Legal Authority

Requests should be prepared and served in accordance with applicable law. All requests should be narrow and focused on the specific Customer Data sought. Qwil requires data requests to be made through formal U.S. legal process and procedures, and we respond to such requests as required by law. Examples of data requests include: Subpoenas, Court Orders, Preservation Requests.

We may share your information as follows:

  • You’ve consented or otherwise given us permission to share;
  • We’ve aggregated or de-identified the information, so that it cannot reasonably be used to identify you;
  • With third party service providers who we use in delivering our service, including certain advertising, referral, operations, financial services and technology services (such as hosting providers, identity verification, support, payment, and email service providers);
  • If required by applicable law or legal process, or if we believe it is in accordance with applicable law or legal process;
  • To protect the rights, property and safety of Qwil, our users and the public, including, for example, in connection with court proceedings, or to detect or prevent criminal activity, fraud, material misrepresentation, or to establish our rights or defend against legal claims; or
  • In connection with selling, merging, transferring, or reorganizing all or parts of our business.

All requests by courts, government agencies, or parties involved in litigation for Customer Data disclosures should be sent to and include the following information: a) the requesting party b) the first name and last name of the customer and email address c) description of the specific customer data being requested and d) the relevant criminal or civil matter.

Customer Notification

Qwil will notify Customer before disclosing any of Customer’s Customer Data so that the Customer may seek protection from such disclosure unless Qwil is prohibited from doing so.