Turn On Programmatic Payouts for Your Ecosystem.

Qwil powers accelerated payouts for digital media platforms who offer monetization services to customers, whether they're apps, publishers, affiliates, or vendors/partners. Once an income event has been generated, Qwil can fund it. Differentiate yourself from the competition by making payment terms a thing of the past as funds flow seamlessly from initial transaction through payment.

Payables and Receivables Financing in Real-Time.

Long payment terms with payors make it difficult to pay your payees on time without forcing long payment terms on them, or funding payments from your cash reserves. In addition to payouts, Qwil can plug into your invoicing system to fund your billed but unpaid invoices. Easily extend payment terms to payors while collecting those funds today to avoid cash flow crunches between collection and payment.

Accelerated Cash Flow to Scale Your Business.

For businesses whose monetization platforms aren't directly partnered with Qwil, we've got you covered too. Don't let long payment terms hinder your growth; simply provide Qwil with verification of your accrued earnings and we can fund you within 1-2 days, anywhere in the world. When you generate earnings today, you should be paid today so you can reinvest into growth - as simple as that.

The perfect fit for companies like:

App Stores
Mobile Apps
eSports Platforms
Game Studios
Ad Networks
What it's Like

Global Payouts in Five Easy Steps:

  • Payees earn revenue on a daily basis

  • Payee hits cash out button on your dashboard to receive funds on-demand

  • Cash out request fed to Qwil over API

  • Qwil approves requests, sends funds to you to relay, or to your payees

  • Payees receive funds via your payment rails, or Qwil's within 1 day

Current vs qwil on-demand payouts

Removing the headache from collecting your earnings

The current flow of funds: advertiser spends through the platform, publisher earns through the platform. Platform invoices on net 30 and pays out earnings on net 60, leading to unnecessary delays.

With Qwil’s Liquidity as a Service offering, platforms can tap into a pool of capital to offer real time payouts as they are earned. Say goodbye to payment terms and let Qwil supercharge your flow of funds today.

All capital is not created equal

Join Qwil and take advantage of flexible capital that meets your needs

Venture Capital

Lines of Credit

Venture Debt

Transparent cost structure

Funding within a day

No contract terms

Daily access to funds

No equity dilution or warrants

No Cap on volume