Think big. Take your business anywhere with Qwil.

Most capital providers limit you to one country and one currency. Not us. Qwil can send payments to 140+ countries in all major currencies, meaning you can grow your business no matter where it takes you.

Turn-key means we have you covered. In all ways.

Just plug in, and all your clients enjoy early pay. You also get 24/7 customer support, white label onboarding, a dashboard with reports, and capital that scales with you.

Creating a new financing product is difficult. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

Setting up a credit facility, underwriting, getting capital, dealing with regulation and compliance, and creating an API that allows automation is a daunting task. Qwil gives you all of that and more, right out of the box.

The perfect fit for companies like:

Invoice and Billing Software
Construction Invoicing Companies
Accounts Payable Automation Companies
Accounts Receivable Software
Medical Billing
Payments Processing Software
Commission Payouts
What it's Like

On-demand capital for your clients
in 5 easy steps

  • Pre-qualifying call with the Qwil team.

  • The partner sends over the transaction and financial data of the participants.

  • Qwil underwrites and approves the program.

  • Integrate into our API.

  • Go Live and offer and early pay program to your clients!

Current vs Qwil

Bring your clients a new value-added product, the option for early pay

Our partners have to raise outside capital, build a team to support it, underwrite and take the risk.

With Qwil we handle all that for you.

Drive new client relationships and create a competitive advantage in your market

Qwil’s B2B payments and invoice software liquidity offering will allow you to retain, recruit and drive clients into existing product verticals. 

Factoring Companies

Credit Lines

API driven

Funds in 24 hours

Underwriting engine

Flexible capital

International funding

Customer support