You focus on growing your business. We’ll take care of the capital.

Growing too fast should never be a problem. Qwil provides you with capital that scales with you, at up to 100% payroll funding, anywhere in the world and in any currency of your choosing.

The best clients are location independent. With Qwil, you can be too.

Qwil can send payments to 140+ countries and in all major currencies. No matter where your clients are, Qwil can provide the capital when you need it. 

Take on any client without worrying about long payment terms.

We’ll give you immediate access to funds so you can keep growing, no matter what clients’ payment term requirements are.

The perfect fit for companies like:

Staffing Firms
Technology Platforms
Applicant Tracking Systems
Sub-vendor Engagement
Cloud Providers
What it's Like

On-Demand Payroll Funding in
Five Easy Steps:

  • Get underwritten in as little as 48 hours

  • Upload Client Invoice to Qwil

  • Select how and when you want to be funded

  • Send out payroll to your workers

  • Qwil collects based on your client's billing terms

Current vs Qwil

Never turn down an opportunity to grow your business

With traditional lines of credit, staffing firms have set credit limits; 60–80% of the funding they need to meet weekly payroll, and fees.

With Qwil's funding, companies are able to grow regardless of their billing terms. Staffing firms are able to take 100% of the capital needed to make payroll and have the ability to scale up or down as needed.

Scale and grow your business with on-demand capital

Qwil's on-demand payroll funding allows you to take on any new client, new project, regardless of billing terms

Invoice Factoring Company

Bank Line of Credit

Business Credit Card

Transparent cost structure

Underwriting within 48 hours

Flexible credit line
(scaling up and down)

Technology lead solution

100% payroll funding

International payroll funding