General Authorization for Filings

By enrolling in this service you are authorizing Qwil to e-file 2019 Form 1099 tax statements using your EIN for all of the Payees you have registered in the Qwil Platform, no later than 31 January 2020.

Qwil Services

Qwil will mail copies of e-filed Form 1099s to each Payee using the address information registered in the Qwil Platform following e-filing with the IRS. If you or your Payee require a correction to the e-filed Form 1099, you must submit the request to with complete information no later than 15 March 2020. 

Qwil will provide you electronic copies of e-filed Form 1099 tax forms under your EIN upon request using a secure method of transmission of Qwil’s choice. Due to information security requirements, Qwil will not provide electronic copies via email. Qwil will not provide copies of any Form 1096 to you.

Your Responsibilities

You must enroll for the Qwil 1099 Filing Service using the Qwil Web Application no later than 30 November 2019. You have the option to include additional historical 2019 earnings for any of your Payees via the Qwil Web Application. You must submit any additional historical 2019 earnings no later than 15 December 2019. 

You are responsible for the accuracy of all 2019 earnings information registered with the Qwil Platform. You acknowledge that you have not registered any non-taxable earnings for any Payee in the Qwil Platform.

You are responsible for any late filing of any Form 1099 tax information not provided to Qwil before the deadlines set forth in this agreement. You agree that Qwil is not responsible for any IRS penalties that may result from late filing or any incorrect Payee tax or Payee personal information included in the e-filed Form 1099. You are responsible for corrections of any Form 1099 tax information after 15 March 2020.

You are responsible for any IRS prescribed tax withholdings from non-employee compensation that is not confirmed with Qwil.

Your Payees' Responsibilities

All Payees are responsible for ensuring that their tax information required to be included in the 1099 form is accurately registered in the Qwil Platform. Qwil will email all US domestic Payees using their email address registered with the Qwil Platform to remind them to confirm their tax information. Payees must make any corrections via the Qwil web application. The deadline for submitting corrections is 15 December 2019.

Fees charged to You

Unless otherwise stated in your Payor Services Agreement you agree to pay the following fees associated with Qwil’s 1099 Filing Service:

  • $5 per each Form 1099 filed
  • $20 per each correction processed to a Form 1099